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Podcast 372: To App or Not to App with Drew Landrum

Uncategorized Mar 04, 2023

The big debate in church technology is whether to have an app or not. It’s still a conversation that needs to be discussed by leaders and pastors alike, especially those who seek to innovate their church culture.

Churches now have access to good technology more than ever. There are plenty of opportunities for ministries to conveniently reach out to their community. However, not many see the advantages of having a church app. It may not be for all, but it is crucial to understand its importance and the advantages of having both a church app and a church website. 

Watch the latest episode of the Social Media Church Podcast as Nils Smith and Drew Landrum of SecureGive talk about how church leaders can leverage a mobile app, the importance of the security of digital properties, and the future of HTML5 websites.

Join us in this conversation!


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