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Podcast 422: Battle of the Platforms: X vs Threads

X vs Threads, which is better? 

X, renowned for its expansive user base and user-friendly interface, goes head-to-head with Threads, a platform focused on concise communication and niche communities. 

In this episode, we dissect the unique features, user demographics, and community dynamics of each platform. 

Whether you're a die-hard fan of Platform X or intrigued by Threads' specialized approach, join us as we explore which platform reigns supreme in the digital realm–only here on the Social Media Church Podcast with Nils Smith and DK Hammonds. 


Show Notes:

Connect with Nils Smith: 

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Podcast 412: 2024 Social Media Predictions with Kenny Jahng

Step into the future of social media with our latest episode featuring Kenny Jahng, a leading expert in digital communication and social media strategy. 

Join us as Kenny shares his predictions for the social media landscape in 2024, offering insights into emerging platforms, evolving content strategies, and the changing dynamics of influencer marketing.

Whether you're a church leader, marketer, business owner, or simply just curious about the next wave of online interactions, Kenny's expertise can provide you valuable perspectives to navigating the ever-changing digital landscape. 

Tune in and stay ahead of the curve as we explore the 2024 Social Media Predictions with Kenny Jahng on the Social Media Church podcast.  


Show Notes:

Connect with Kenny Jahng

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Connect with Nils Smith

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