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Podcast 421: Bridgetown Church Quitting Live Streaming Services

Step into the world of Bridgetown Church as they make a radical decision in the digital age–quitting live streaming services. 

In a landscape where online connectivity seems essential, this Portland-based congregation is challenging the status quo. Discover how this move has reshaped the Bridgetown community's engagement with worship, fellowship, and spirituality. 

What does it mean for a modern church to prioritize in-person connections over digital reach? 

Join us as we unravel the story of Bridgetown Church's journey toward a more intentional, embodied experience of faith in the 21st century.


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Live Streaming Your Church

In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, more and more churches are closing its doors as a preventive measure. Live streaming is one of the ways churches can deal with the present situation, while maintaining church services or events to happen authentically. In this podcast, Nils Smith and Aaron Magnuson talk about how to do live streaming, its technical aspects, challenges, expectations and more.

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