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Podcast 410: The Impact of AI on the Future of Ministry with Drew Dickens

Join us for a captivating discussion with the insightful Drew Dickens as we explore the impact of AI on the future of ministry.

In this episode, Drew, a visionary at the intersection of technology and spirituality, shares his perspectives on how artificial intelligence is reshaping the landscape of ministry. Dive into the ethical considerations, opportunities, and challenges as we navigate the integration of AI into sacred practices. 

Whether you're a tech enthusiast, religious leader, or intrigued by spirituality in the digital age, our conversation with Drew Dickens provides profound insights into the spiritual dimensions of AI. 


Show Notes:

Connect with Drew Dickens and Encountering Peace 

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Podcast 407: Technology, Theology, and Digital discipleship with Dr. Stacy Dandrige

In today’s episode, Dr. Stacy Dandrige, a leading expert in the intersection of technology and theology, guides us through the transformative impact of digital advancements on spiritual practices and discipleship.

From ethical considerations in AI to the potential of digital platforms for religious outreach, we explore the dynamic relationship between faith and technology.

Join us for a compelling discussion that transcends boundaries, offering insights into how technology shapes and challenges our spiritual lives in the digital age. This is a must-listen for anyone curious about the evolving landscape where technology and theology meet.

Show Notes:

Connect with Dr. Stacy Dandrige
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Connect with DK Hammonds:
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