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Podcast 371: A Conversation with Katie Allred about Empowering Women in Ministry

church leadership ministry Feb 25, 2023

Empowering women has been a focus in different industries but it's not always talked about within the church. We believe it's time we start a conversation as women offer tremendous value to the faith community. 

Women in the church are important so it's a must that churches include them and to allow them to use their talents and gifts for the fulfillment of the Great Commission. Women can do so much more! 

It's time that women are given different opportunities in the ministry. Women are encouraged to become the people God wants them to be, just as how we empower men the same way. By empowering everyone and not just women, the church can become a community that fully reflects the love of God. 

Watch this episode of the Social Media Church Podcast as Nils Smith and Katie Allred have an interesting conversation about empowering women in the ministry. Learn why churches should give more opportunities to women beyond the kitchen and the home. 

Join us in this conversation!


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