The Power of YouTube Packaging to Reach More People for Your Church

Podcast 368: What Churches Can Learn from MrBeast

We’re talking about MrBeast! Yes, the 24-year-old YouTube star Jimmy Donaldson aka MrBeast is our topic for today.

But why him, you ask? Because we think he’s so relevant and that churches could learn a lot from him. 

Our host Nils Smith has recently done a deep-dive into MrBeast and what he is doing. The famous influencer’s reach is just massive –getting an average of 100 to 200 million views on every episode. What he’s doing is fascinating and pastors and church leaders could look at his examples and learn from them. 

Watch the latest episode of the Social Media Podcast and find out more about what MrBeast does as hosts Nils Smith and Aaron Magnuson discuss how he makes money, his generosity, and what the church can do better to reach more people for the Gospel.

Join Social Media Church hosts Nils Smith and Aaron Magnuson as they talk about how MrBeast’s tactics can also be used by the churches.

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