The Power of YouTube Packaging to Reach More People for Your Church

Special Episode: Best of the 2021 SMC Conference

It has been two weeks since we had our very first Social Media Church Conference and we’re still celebrating all that God did. 

More than 400 church ministry leaders are ready to amplify their ministry to the next level so they can take the gospel to more people from near and far! How exciting is that?!

In this episode, we’re going to give you a flashback of the conference experience and highlights from our speakers and thought leaders’ sessions. 


05:53 Nachi Lazarus - The Why and How of Using Private Messaging Apps for Church 

06:50 Nona Jones - From Social Media to Social Ministry

07:43 Sean Cannell - YouTube for Churches & Ministries: 5 Critical Questions You Need to Ask to Make a Real Impact with YouTube in 2021

12:05 Casey Helmick - 3 Things I’ve Learned From 30 Million Podcast Downloads


13:01 Brady Shearer - My Favorite Social Media Post Format For Churches

14:03 Joanna La Fleur - Think Inside the Box

15:32 Phil Cooke - The Secrets of Becoming a Great Creative 

17:34 Jonathan Malm - Discipleship on Social Media 

18:38 DK Hammonds and Jennifer Benton - Clubhouse For Ministries 101

20:23 Rohn Starling - Comparison Kills


21:34 Chris Abbott - Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ads

22:29 Christopher Harris - Small Adjustments. Big Impact.

23:33 Heather Heuman - From Confused to Confident: 5 Current Social Media Strategies to be Seen

24:58 Holly Tate - 5 Tips to Leveling up your Church’s Social Media Strategy

25:54 Matt Brown - Don’t Focus on Algorithms, Do the Real Ministry

26:50 Katie Allred - How to Increase Digital Content in the Church

27:35 Sly King - Empowering Your Volunteers and Engaging Your Online Community

28:54 Kenny Jahng - Four Disruption of Decouplement

30:16 Justin Wise - The D.A.D Framework: Hot to Get Your Church Noticed

31:17 Steve Fogg - Social Media Tips for Churches That Just Work

31:59 Daniel Hall - How to Engage and Influence Culture: A Mormon Case Study

32:41 Charrissa Carnall - The Importance of Social Listening to Reach Your Audience

P.S. We have something for you at the end of this episode, so no skipping! 

Show Notes:

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