Handling the Haters on Social Media

Podcast 401: Social Media Management for Multisite Churches with Kent Richardson

Uncover invaluable insights and strategies tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities multisite churches face when navigating social media management. 

Tune in as special guest Kent Richardson, the Director of Communications for New Life Community Church in Chicago, shares his wisdom on crafting compelling content, optimizing platform management, utilizing essential tools, strategic scheduling, and measuring success in the realm of multisite church on social media. 

Whether you're a church leader, pastor, communicator, or someone who’s intrigued by this dynamic intersection of faith and digital engagement, this conversation is bound to empower your online presence.


Show Notes:

Connect with Kent Richardson and the New Life Community Church: 

Kent Richardson LinkedIn 

New Life Community Church 

Connect with Nils Smith:

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Nils Smith LinkedIn

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