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Podcast 377: Tech-Mediated Ministry with Bryan Barrineau and Heath Woolman

Many believe technology use in the church started only in the last century. However, it didn't just begin with radio broadcasts and TV evangelism; it dates back to the Old Testament, when God’s people used various tools to communicate messages from God. One example was when Noah built an ark to deliver a message from God. 

Today, the tech-mediated ministry is evident in social media, live streaming of church services, mobile apps, and more. While many churches rush to reach high engagement, some people believe that what matters most are the stories of lives changed. Churches often focus on the quantitative side, but it's essential to consider the qualitative aspect.  

In this episode of the Social Media Podcast, Heath Woolman, Chief of Staff and Instructor at Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth, TX., and Bryan Barrineau, Student Pastor of FBC Enterprise, share their insights based on their study of Technology-Mediated Ministry and its role in fulfilling the Great Commission. They also discuss how churches and ministries can leverage technology in ways we haven't imagined yet.

Show Notes:
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