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Podcast 374: The Rise and Fall of Clubhouse

If you’re an audio-based enthusiast, you’d probably heard about Clubhouse. Clubhouse blew up fast during the pandemic and became the talk of the town as celebrities, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders all flocked in to host live discussions on the audio-based social media app.The social media app attracted many high-profile personalities, and for a time, it provided a unique way for people worldwide to interact, connect, and engage.

But Clubhouse's success was short-lived due to the declining quality of content, as the platform became overrun with spammers. The app's exclusivity also hindered its growth, and it failed to pay creators while it still had the opportunity. Twitter and Facebook also started to launch their own audio-only features, competing against Clubhouse’s exclusivity.

Tune in this podcast episode as, DK Hammonds shares with Nils Smith and Aaron Magnuson what he thinks were the reasons for the rise and fall of Clubhouse.

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