The Power of YouTube Packaging to Reach More People for Your Church

Podcast 370: It's Time to Yelp Your Church

Many people say that a church doesn’t need to worry about reviews. But we think otherwise. 

It doesn’t matter if reviews are on Yelp, Google, or any other social media platform. A review is still a review—and it matters.  Pastors and leaders must understand that reviews can affect the church more than you think. They don’t exactly tell the world how God is moving in your community, but they tell you that some things ought to change. 

Reviews by real people–newcomers, regular churchgoers, volunteers, and staff–should matter more. Every opportunity should be an avenue to improve and encourage others in telling how the church has made an impact in their lives. 

Watch this episode of the Social Media Church Podcast as Nils Smith and Aaron Magnuson discuss getting reviews online. Learn why you shouldn’t ignore the feedback you receive, what you can do, and how you can highlight the work that God is doing. 

Join us in this conversation!


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