The Impact of AI on Church SEO

Podcast 358: The State of Online Church 2022 with Molly Matthews

When the pandemic started, technology paved a way for churches around the world to reach a greater audience. Thousands of ministries have turned to live broadcasting, and people definitely have seen its benefits—that they can still attend Sunday services without physically being present at church.

As we are entering post-COVID season, churches are embracing and believing that live-streaming is going to be a huge part of the future; since there has been a great shift to viewing everything online, especially during the pandemic season, and it seems to be staying in the long run. It also complements the normal Sunday church services even as they are slowly going back to normal face-to-face activities.

In this episode of the Social Media Church Podcast, Nils Smith and Aaron Magnuson share a very meaningful conversation with guest speaker and CEO of Pushpay, Molly Matthews. Tune in as they talk about where churches can invest their resources for their ministry to gain growth, engagement, and online security.

A must-listen for all church leaders so tune in to learn more!


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