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Podcast 351: Facebook Alternatives

As previously shared from Social Media Church Podcast’s last episode, Facebook has continually been declining. A lot of people have asked if it is wise to keep investing on Facebook for their church. What are Facebook alternatives they can use for preaching the Great Commission?

In this episode of the Social Media Church Podcast, join Nils Smith and Aaron Magnuson as they discuss the different functionalities of Facebook that are still useful for your ministry and how your church can look into different social media platforms that fit perfectly with your church’s objective.

Tune in to know more!

Show Notes:

Aaron Magnuson Facebook

Aaron Magnuson Twitter

Aaron Magnuson Instagram

Aaron Magnuson LinkedIn

Aaron Magnuson Clubhouse

Aaron Magnuson TikTok

Nils Smith 

Nils Smith Facebook

Nils Smith Twitter 

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Nils Smith Linkedin 

Nils Smith TikTok


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