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Podcast 350: (Part 2) Discipling In The Digital World Using Discord with Jonah Wiley

Have you heard about Discord? 

Discord is an online digital platform that serves as a good  space to meet and chat with people — despite starting out with a very simple reason: how to communicate with friends while playing games online. You can opt to communicate through chat, voice calls, or face-to-face conversations with people from different parts of the world without a time limit. 

But how can this platform benefit the digital church in building a community and pointing others to Jesus?

In this episode of Social Media Church Podcast, join Nils Smith, Aaron Magnuson, along with Jonah Wiley, as they discuss how Discord has become an amazing tool to create communities, and how the church can use that opportunity to reach non-believers to help them grow more in their relationship with Jesus. 

Tune in to know more!


Show Notes:

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