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Podcast 349: (Part 1) Discipling In The Digital World Using TikTok with Jonah Wiley

TikTok is the 3rd largest social media network and is taking Gen Z—and even millennials—by storm. But can it be used for an even bigger purpose: to preach the gospel to others and advance the Kingdom of God?

Many churches may be looking at their digital resources and wonder how they can be able to disciple people through TikTok. The good news is that you don't need a lot to create great content.

Join Nils Smith, Aaron Magnuson, and TikTok influencer, Jonah Wiley, in this episode of Social Media Church Podcast as they talk about utilizing TikTok to create engaging content to speak truth, discuss the Scripture, and encourage others. They share the limitless opportunity of this social media platform to reach non-believers with the Gospel.

Tune in to know more!

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