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Podcast 346: Most Important Social Media Platform of 2022

If your digital church or ministry is still on the verge of starting out your social media presence, you’re probably thinking and testing out the waters as to which social media your church should focus on.

YouTube is a given. But there’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, and now, Discord. Some other budding social media platforms to add to the list are Twitch, LinkedIn, and more! 

Join Nils and Aaron in this episode of the Social Media Church Podcast as they talk about the best social media platforms your church should be on and the perks for each social media network. It will surely help you decide!

Tune in to know more!

Show Notes:

Aaron Magnuson Facebook

Aaron Magnuson Twitter

Aaron Magnuson Instagram

Aaron Magnuson LinkedIn

Aaron Magnuson Clubhouse


Nils Smith 

Nils Smith Facebook

Nils Smith Twitter 

Nils Smith Instagram 

Nils Smith Linkedin 


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