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July 4, 2024

The Impact of AI on Church SEO

In this week’s episode, Nils Smith and DK Hammonds talk about the importance of SEO for websites.

They explore content optimization, user experience, onsite and offsite SEO strategies, and the impact of AI on search results and SEO. DK shares Maslow's Hierarchy of SEO Needs, crawl accessibility, and some technical tips. Nils emphasizes having your church's website optimized for better Google search results and the value of using Google Analytics.



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Social Media Church is a place for conversations with ministry leaders about social media. Our conversations are designed to build a
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Our Hosts

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DK Hammonds

DK Hammonds was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, and is now settled in Dallas, TX, with his wonderful wife Aisha and their four children. His life’s purpose is to love with intensity, give generously, and live every moment in alignment with Christ’s teachings. He is deeply committed to guiding leaders in both life and ministry. With a special emphasis on Servant Leadership and digital discipleship, he fuses his passion for life with his skills in writing and inspiration. Furthermore, he is enthusiastic about leveraging the strengths of social media, social audio, and the latest technological innovations to help churches and ministries flourish. In essence, he merges the worlds of technology and theology for growth and understanding.

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Nils Smith

Nils Smith ( is the Chief Strategist Social Media+Innovation for Dunham+Company, founder of Amplify Social Media, co-founder of TVApp.Church and author of The Social Media Guide and Crypto for Good. Over the past decade, Nils has been very active in online ministry as a practitioner, consultant, and conference speaker. Most recently Nils served as the Innovation Pastor at Community Bible Church with an Online Ministry reaching over fifteen thousand each week and a Facebook community of over 800,000. Nils lives in New York City with his wife, Katie, and their 2 daughters.

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Aaron Magnuson

Aaron Magnuson is the Online Pastor for ONE&ALL ( in San Dimas, CA. Aaron specializes in building online digital communities in and out of the church via social media. Having served in a local church of 300 meeting in a middle school to pastoring in a church of 5,000 with a global presence, Aaron understands the ins and outs of online engagement with social media in multiple contexts. Aaron lives in East LA and is married with a daughter and a son.

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