Facebook's New Cryptocurrency: Libra: Podcast 270

Facebook's New Cryptocurrency: Libra:  Podcast 270

In this podcast, Nils Smith and Nick Runyon talk about one of the most controversial things Facebook has recently started on: its very own cryptocurrency, Libra. With Facebook’s mission to bring the world closer together, is Libra one of its ways to create meaningful connections to its end users? Listen as Nick and Nils share their thoughts on how this could be a game-changer for churches, and how this could make an impact in the global economy. These and more on this SMC podcast. 

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Show Notes:

Nick Runyon: https://nickrunyon.com/

Nick Runyon Twitter: https://twitter.com/runyonski

Nick Runyon LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nickrunyon/

Nils Smith: http://nilssmith.com/ 

Nils Smith Twitter: https://twitter.com/NilsSmith

Nils Smith LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nilssmith/