A Conversation with James Eaton of Highlands Fellowship: Podcast 228

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How does your online church fit with your local church?

In this week’s podcast, we are joined by James Eaton, Online Director of Highlands Fellowship. James provides us with some wisdom on how to lead an online church and what the end goal for their online church  is. James also shares how an online church can cater to small groups and the services he uses for live streaming.

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Show Notes:

My StreamSpot

James Eaton 

Highlands Fellowship Church

Highlands Fellowship Facebook Page



Alexa Skill

A Conversation with Jay Kranda about Podcasting and Alexa Skills: Podcast 226

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In this day and age where time is the most valuable commodity, more and more people are starting to appreciate podcasts.

Today, Nils and Jay Kranda tell us how podcasts are becoming more relevant and creating greater opportunities for churches. In this episode, we will also get to know the podcast opportunities beyond just the weekend sermon.

TVApp.church is also giving away free Amazon Alexa Skills for ministries. Just sign up at TVApp.church/alexa.

Find out more in this new episode and share your thoughts with us! Use the hashtag #SMCPodcast in your posts.


Show Notes:

Alexa Skill


CV Outreach


Jay Kranda Twitter

Podcast Statistics of 2017

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Catching up with Jay Kranda: Podcast 220

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Jay Kranda, a good friend and a great leader, has been our co-host since 2015. He’s been quite occupied with a couple of things, both in church responsibility and his personal resource "Healthy Online Church."

One of the updates Jay has for us is their new product offer in TVApp.church: Amazon Alexa Skill. They also have a Free Amazon Alexa Skill Giveaway through their TVapp.church Facebook Page.

Nils and Jay also share a conversation about trends and what they do with their social media profiles.

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Show Notes:

Jay Kranda

Healthy Online Church

True North: Discover Your Authentic Leadership (Book) 

TVApp.church Facebook Contest

TVApp.church Alexa Skill

Amazon: Alexa Skill

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A Conversation with Jason Caston from iChurch Method about Social Media and New Technology Trends: Podcast 219

Back in the day, our early Christian ancestors only had a few manuscripts and pages of the Bible which they can only effectively use when they’re together. Thanks to advancements in technology, the few rare scrolls became mass-printed books that are now available to everyone who wanted to own and read the Bible. Technology has played an important part in spreading the Gospel of Christ. If it benefited us in the past, why do some people and churches still fear embracing technology? Are we over-digitizing the church? How far is too far? In this new podcast with Nils Smith and Jason Caston from iChurch Method, we’ll be talking about technology trends, social media, and how they have affected the church before and how they are essential today, more than ever.

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Show Notes:

Jason Caston

Jason Caston Twitter

Jason Caston Facebook

iChurch Method


YouTube TV

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The Election, Social Media and the Church: Podcast 196

Nils and Jay are back after a hiatus in the Social Media Church podcast! In this podcast,they share their thoughts on last week’s Election in connection with social media and the church. They also talk about a couple of recent updates around social media. Tune in to the podcast!

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Show Notes:

Search your community to see what’s being talked about with Twitter Search

Apple rumored to get into AR business

New to Instagram Stories: Boomerang, Mentions and Links

Log on to TVApp.Church

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Analyzing the Presidential Debate, Snapchat Spectacles & A Wild Card Question for Jay: Podcast 192

Jay and Nils take a social/tech perspective to review last Tuesday’s Presidential Debate and they discuss Hillary and Trump’s apparent conversion funnel and social media strategies. They also go over TVApp Church updates, Snapchat’s name change, “Spectacles” and Jay answers a hot-seat question. Tune in to the podcast! To engage with the show, use the hashtag #SMCpodcast.


Show Links:

Visit TVApp.Church

Trump’s “Crooked Hillary” Snapchat filter

How should pastors and churches be involved with politics--Concerned Women for America

Snapchat is just “Snap” now

Snapchat releases “Spectacles”

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Drones, Regional Online Meetups & Amazon Fire TV: Podcast 188

Jay talks about how at Saddleback Online they are rolling out a brand new type of event called “Regional Online Meetups”. The events are geared to help better connect people in their local area and start more small groups through Saddleback Church's online services. Nils shares how he lost his drone and gives some practical applications drones can provide in capturing footage for your church. Update on Instagram Stories. Jay and Nils share how TVapp.church not only has Apple TV support, but just added Amazon Fire TV.


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Alan George from Life.Church talks Hubspot, MailChimp Automation, Mobile, & Apple TV: Podcast 146

Alan George from Life.Church talks Hubspot, MailChimp Automation, Mobile, & Apple TV: Podcast 146

Jay and Nils talk with the Church Online Pastor at Life.Church (Alan George) about Hubspot and MailChimp automation. The idea to use Hubspot/MailChimp was sparked after Alan rented a DVD from Redbox. They briefly talk about the future of mobile, Apple TV, and Life.Church’s change away from LifeChurch.TV. 

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Setting Up a Nonprofit + 101 Marketing Tips: Podcast 145

Setting Up a Nonprofit + 101 Marketing Tips: Podcast 145

Jay Kranda is the Vice President of the www.savannahgolfclassic.org. The charity was setup three years ago and in this episode Jay shares learnings from incorporating the charity through Legal Zoom, to building the website, creating an email list, taking donations easily, and everything in-between. 

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