Building Your Social Media Response Systems interview with Halie Powell: Podcast 205

It seems like Social Media has gone to the next level in terms of communicating and connecting people together. In today’s episode, Halie Powell joins the conversation as they talk about how Social Media platforms are used by different clients and the process of building a response system that suits their brand, target audience, and etc. Nils shares the importance of having that ‘wow factor’ when responding for each platform so that the audience can really feel that they are heard. Tune in to the podcast and share what you think!

How do you respond to social media comments? We would like to hear from you! Share it to us by using the #SMCPodcast.


Show Notes:

Ideal Social Media platforms for your response system:

Sprout Social a superb platform if you have unlimited budget

Agorapulse is a great option for a more affordable solution

Other alternatives: Buffer, Social Report

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The New iPhone and Social Media Response Systems: Podcast 190

Jay and Nils talk about social media response systems--the best way to set them up, some pros and cons and some things to avoid. They also share their reaction towards Apple’s latest news around iPhone 7 and some notable stuff from last week’s Apple event.


Show Links:

Apple Event September 7, 2016

Woman tweets asking for help, Amtrak responds 7 months later

Social Media Management tools:

        Social Report




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Managing Multiple Ministries on Social Media: Podcast 153

Managing Multiple Ministries on Social Media: Podcast 153

Nils and Jay talk about how you can effectively manage your Social Media Platforms for your Ministries. They also discuss the latest trends of technology and Jay’s experience with Uber. Use #SMCpodcast to share your thoughts and ideas.



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A Conversation with Social Media Manager Halie Powell: Podcast 140

A Conversation with Social Media Manager Halie Powell: Podcast 140

Nils talks with our special guest, Halie Powell, the Social Media Manager at Community Bible Church, in San Antonio, TX. They discuss different tools like Social Report for scheduling social media and social graphic mobile apps such as Studio and Phonto. Learn more about how you can maximize your church's influence through social media. We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas! Use #SMCpodcast and let us know!

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