Leading Creatives With Phil Cooke: Podcast 246

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Phil Cooke, co-author of “The Way Back: How Christians Blew Our Credibility and How We Get It Back”, joins Nils, Nick, and Chad in a conversation about his newly launched book and shares some tips for creatives and Christians as they engage on social media.

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Phil Cooke

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A Conversation with Casey Helmick about Getting Started with Social Media : Podcast 245

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From creating a website that featured local photography in a small town in North Carolina to now being a top innovator in social media and digital marketing, Casey Helmick reveals the ‘most important-least important’ principles and practices in social media and talks about how they can be valuable to your organization today.

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Casey Helmick Twitter

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Debating Mobile Apps and Church Websites with Brady Shearer: Podcast 244

We have 168 hours each week with an average of one hour spent at a church service on Sunday, but how do we seize the remaining 167 hours for our churches to make a greater impact? In this podcast, Brady Shearer, creator of Pro Church Tools and Nucleus, joins us in an in-depth conversation about the practicality and power of mobile apps and church websites today.

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Show Notes:

Church Apps: 11 Need-To-Know Facts Before Investing In A Mobile App’

Brady Shearer

Nucleus Websites

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Pro Church YouTube

Talking Facebook Groups with Katie Allred: Podcast 243

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Katie Allred shares the story of how she started the Church Communications facebook group and how she gained nearly 16,000 members just two years into it. Nils Smith and Nick Runyon also take the opportunity to discuss how Facebook groups provide a great opportunity for every church.

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Church Communications

Foundations of the First Virtual Reality Church: Podcast 242

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D.J. Soto, founder, and pastor of Virtual Reality Church shares with us his story on how the first VR Church came to life. Nils Smith and Nick Runyon also discuss some of the most controversial questions about the future of the church in a virtual reality world.

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Virtual Reality Church

Virtual Reality

Oculus Rift

HTC Vive

Mark Zuckerberg

Tim Lucas

Liquid Church


Life Church

Wired - VR Church

NBC Network

Samsung Gear VR




Adjusting to Facebook’s New Algorithm Changes: Podcast 239

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"Expect to see more from your friends, family, and groups, see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media.. encouraging meaningful interactions between people." - Mark Zuckerberg

In this episode of the podcast, Nils and Nick share their take on Facebook’s new algorithm changes and will be exploring how organizations should adjust to these changes.

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Show Notes:

HQ Trivia

Mark Zuckerberg




Big Announcement and 2018 Predictions with Nick Runyon: Podcast 238

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Here’s something exciting to start off the year! Nils Smith and Nick Runyon break the biggest news on Social Media Church to date and shares with us their social media predictions for 2018!

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Show Notes:


CV Outreach

Global Media Outreach

Lord Robert Edmiston

National Religious Broadcasters


Google Home

Building Your Social Media Response Systems interview with Halie Powell: Podcast 205

It seems like Social Media has gone to the next level in terms of communicating and connecting people together. In today’s episode, Halie Powell joins the conversation as they talk about how Social Media platforms are used by different clients and the process of building a response system that suits their brand, target audience, and etc. Nils shares the importance of having that ‘wow factor’ when responding for each platform so that the audience can really feel that they are heard. Tune in to the podcast and share what you think!

How do you respond to social media comments? We would like to hear from you! Share it to us by using the #SMCPodcast.


Show Notes:

Ideal Social Media platforms for your response system:

Sprout Social a superb platform if you have unlimited budget

Agorapulse is a great option for a more affordable solution

Other alternatives: Buffer, Social Report

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Church Online Funnels: Podcast 204

Jay has been interviewing different church online pastors for a series he has been doing on jaykranda.com/blog. In this podcast Jay turns the tables and interviews Nils and asks how he would set up a church online today! Make sure you like us on Facebook so you can join in for our Facebook Live streams!

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Instagram Stealing SnapChats Thunder, Spectacles, & Facebook Live on Zoom.us: Podcast 203

Nils and Jay use Zoom.us Webinar Facebook Live feature for the first time to capture their podcast. Check out the playback of the event on their Facebook Page! During the Facebook Live event Instagram is taking viewership from SnapChat, Nils shares about his recent purchase of SnapChat Spectacles, also discuss how to fit Facebook Live events into your current social media posting calendar, and update on Tvapp.church.


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