Kenny Jahng’s Takeaways from the Grow with Video Conference: Podcast 256

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In this episode, Kenny Jahng joins Nils Smith and shares his takeaways from the recent Grow with Video Live Conference with our friend Sean Cannell in Las Vegas.  Learn about the value of video and why investing in it matters significantly in the growth of ministries.

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A Conversation with Sean Cannell of Video Influencers about Vlogging: Podcast 218

Before the general public came to understand the concept of blogs, “vlogs” suddenly came out. This left a lot of people confused and uneasy. What is a vlog? What is it about? How is it different from a blog? In this new episode, we have Sean Cannell of Video Influencers join Nils Smith to tell us that vlogging is not merely converting your written blog to a video format, it opens up a lot more opportunities to connect with people on a personal level and touch lives– one key goal for every ministry. If you’re thinking about starting a vlog, this podcast will be extremely helpful.

Should your church or pastor start a vlog? Should you start one? We’d like to hear from you, use the hashtag #SMCPodcast on your posts.


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