Learnings from Facebook's F8 Conference: Podcast 213

How did Facebook win in social media?

Jay and Nils discuss more trends about social media, especially Facebook. Nils recently went to Facebook’s F8 Conference, it’s primarily a conference for developers and people who optimally use the platform. Nils talk about the stuff he learned from the conference. They also talk about the innovations Facebook has done over the years, and Nils also shares his insights about how Facebook has won over social media.

What’s your story about the innovations of Facebook throughout the years? Share it with us by using the hashtag #SMCPodcast.


Show Notes:

Facebook Live

F8 Conference


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Instagram Stealing SnapChats Thunder, Spectacles, & Facebook Live on Zoom.us: Podcast 203

Nils and Jay use Zoom.us Webinar Facebook Live feature for the first time to capture their podcast. Check out the playback of the event on their Facebook Page! During the Facebook Live event Instagram is taking viewership from SnapChat, Nils shares about his recent purchase of SnapChat Spectacles, also discuss how to fit Facebook Live events into your current social media posting calendar, and update on Tvapp.church.


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Facebook Live, VaynerMedia, Virtual Reality and Social Automation: Podcast 165

How has been your experience with Facebook Live? Jay and Nils share their thoughts on this new live video sharing platform. Nils shares his experience in last week’s VaynerMedia event and comments on how VR technology can help churches. Lastly, Jay and Nils review the pros and cons in using Social Automation in social media platforms.

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Show Notes

Apple TV App Store

Social Media Church podcast on Vimeo

TV App technology for your church

Facebook Live is here

YouVersion Free.Bible



Oculus Rift Store, Google Oculus Cardboard

Social Report, Hootsuite


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The Peach App and More: Podcast 157

The Peach App and More: Podcast 157

Nils and Jay discuss social networks, Peach App and Snapchat. Learn more about this fun and simple app that can help you grow your network and reach out to your community. 

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