Are Facebook, Google and Apple Friends of the Church?: Podcast 259

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In this episode, Nick Runyon and Nils Smith talk about three of the biggest leaders in the technology space today–Facebook, Google and Apple, and look into whether they are “friends” or “enemies” of the church, and more about what roles they play for churches to thrive.

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Show Notes:

Podcast 248: Building Faith-Based Communities through Facebook Groups with Nona Jones & Bishop Walker




The New iPhone and Social Media Response Systems: Podcast 190

Jay and Nils talk about social media response systems--the best way to set them up, some pros and cons and some things to avoid. They also share their reaction towards Apple’s latest news around iPhone 7 and some notable stuff from last week’s Apple event.


Show Links:

Apple Event September 7, 2016

Woman tweets asking for help, Amtrak responds 7 months later

Social Media Management tools:

        Social Report




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VR news with Apple/NBA, Jack Dorsey, & Bill Simmons: Podcast 147

VR news with Apple/NBA, Jack Dorsey, & Bill Simmons: Podcast 147

Nils and Jay talk about recent news of Apple trying out Virtual Reality (VR) with U2, NBA’s experiment with VR, Jack Dorsey jumping into the role of CEO again of Twitter, and Jay’s favorite sports podcast.

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Apple TV Ideas for the Church: Podcast 139

Apple TV Ideas for the Church: Podcast 139

Nils and Jay talk about how the church can leverage Apple TV in creative ways. Every home has a TV which means every church has a device in everyone home to accomplish their vision. Listen to the show to spark your imagination to better use the TV for your church’s goals. Share your thoughts and ideas by using the #SMCpodcast hashtag. Tune in to the end of the show because the hosts have a special announcement regarding Apple TV and your church. 

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