A Conversation with Arthur Satterwhite from American Bible Society about Project Magellan and Rebranding the Bible: Podcast 222

When you hear the word “rebranding” it usually signifies that something needs to be changed. So if people want to rebrand the Bible, does it mean there is something wrong with the Word of God?

We know that there is nothing wrong with the Bible in itself, the real problem lies on how people perceive the Bible. Many people tend to see the Bible as an archaic text with rules and laws that are harsh, judgmental, and impossible to follow. Others view it as a book that has a lists of do’s and dont’s in life; and when you violate enough of them and you get a ticket to hell. There has been too much familiarity of the Bible in the Western world that it has lost its real meaning to them.

In this week’s episode, Arthur Satterwhite from the American Bible Society joins us in sharing all the reasons why the Bible has to be rebranded and how important it is for people to know the real message of God’s Word and enjoy the goodness it has to offer.

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