A Conversation with Nick Ovalle from Sandals Church about the Storytelling Church: Podcast 231

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In this episode of the Social Media Church Podcast, Nick Ovalle, a former colleague and a good friend of Nils, shares with us how Sandals Church boldly stripped themselves of their trademark and started marketing their ministry through storytelling and funnel marketing. Putting the focus on what really matters while challenging the norm.

Find out more about their noteworthy journey in this new episode. Share your thoughts on social media using the hashtag #SMCPodcast.


Show Notes:

Nick Ovalle Facebook

Nick Ovalle - The Storytelling Heart


Community Bible Church

David Crowder

Warren Beemer

Justin Pardee

Matt Brown

DJ Chuang

The Wild Library

Stephanie Schaefer


Sandals Church Connect

Sandals Church Watch

Primal Branding by Patrick Hanlon

Malcolm Gladwell

Revisionist History Podcast

Andy Stanley

Communicating For A Change

Made To Stick by Chip and Dan Heath

Austin Stone

Brian Mann

Story Clock

Donald Miller

A Conversation with That Christian Vlogger Justin Khoe: Podcast 229

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What does it take to be a “Digital Missionary”?

Well at least that’s what ‘That Christian Vlogger’, Justin Khoe calls himself. When talking about missions, we usually think of spreading the gospel in some remote area in a third-world country. Justin, however, considers YouTube to be his mission field. This week’s podcast is filled with useful knowledge from Justin Khoe as he shares with Nils Smith all about pastoring an area where God called him to be.

What are your thoughts on YouTube as a mission field? Share your thoughts with us! Use the hashtag #SMCPodcast on your posts.


Show Notes:

That Christian Vlogger YouTube Channel

That Christian Vlogger Patreon

Justin Khoe Twitter

A Conversation with Sean Cannell of Video Influencers about Vlogging: Podcast 218

Before the general public came to understand the concept of blogs, “vlogs” suddenly came out. This left a lot of people confused and uneasy. What is a vlog? What is it about? How is it different from a blog? In this new episode, we have Sean Cannell of Video Influencers join Nils Smith to tell us that vlogging is not merely converting your written blog to a video format, it opens up a lot more opportunities to connect with people on a personal level and touch lives– one key goal for every ministry. If you’re thinking about starting a vlog, this podcast will be extremely helpful.

Should your church or pastor start a vlog? Should you start one? We’d like to hear from you, use the hashtag #SMCPodcast on your posts.


Show Notes:

Sean Cannell Twitter

Video Influencers

Video Influencers Youtube Channel

Alejandro Reyes Twitter

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Facebook Live in Action with Aaron Magnuson (The Grove Church): Podcast 172

Where do you start with Facebook Live? Jay talks with Aaron Magnuson about how he has been doing Facebook Live at his church and using it in birthday shoutouts. Aaron gives three simple starter steps for you to leverage Facebook Live at your church. They also discuss sports and a few other tangents.


Show Notes

Follow Aaron on Twitter

The Grove Facebook Page

How Do I verify my Page?

The Third Wave by Steve Case

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Facebook Live, VaynerMedia, Virtual Reality and Social Automation: Podcast 165

How has been your experience with Facebook Live? Jay and Nils share their thoughts on this new live video sharing platform. Nils shares his experience in last week’s VaynerMedia event and comments on how VR technology can help churches. Lastly, Jay and Nils review the pros and cons in using Social Automation in social media platforms.

We’d love for you to check out Social Media Church on the Apple TV Store and leave a review. Suggest future show topics and SocialMediaChurch.University courses by using the #SMCpodcast.  


Show Notes

Apple TV App Store

Social Media Church podcast on Vimeo

TV App technology for your church

Facebook Live is here

YouVersion Free.Bible



Oculus Rift Store, Google Oculus Cardboard

Social Report, Hootsuite


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Video Podcasting, Church Video Technology and Political Posts During Elections: Podcast 164

The Social Media Church Podcast has expanded--we are now on TV App! Jay and Nils share tips for churches on video recording, editing and sharing video online live. What’s more? The hosts share their thoughts on how to approach the politics on social media.

Show Notes

TVApp Church

Apple TV Store

Splice for iPhone

GoPro Acquires Splice App

Media Social Platform, Church Online Platform, Libsyn



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360/Virtual Reality Update, Podcast Video, & TV Apps: Podcast 162

Nils and Jay talk about their recent troubles with recording 360 video and virtual reality for their churches. Review of the new SocialMedia.Church blog and university courses. Jay shares about testing out video blogging. Recent learnings of snap chatting are discussed and the true cost of podcast video. Nils and Jay share an update on their new company TVapp.church and what to expect on March 1st.

Suggest future show topics and SocialMediaChurch.University courses by using the #SMCpodcast.  


Show Notes

Social Media Church Blog

Jay’s Blogging

Sign Up TVapp.church eNews

Social Media Church Basics Course

Social Media Church SnapChat Course


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