A Conversation with That Christian Vlogger Justin Khoe: Podcast 229

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What does it take to be a “Digital Missionary”?

Well at least that’s what ‘That Christian Vlogger’, Justin Khoe calls himself. When talking about missions, we usually think of spreading the gospel in some remote area in a third-world country. Justin, however, considers YouTube to be his mission field. This week’s podcast is filled with useful knowledge from Justin Khoe as he shares with Nils Smith all about pastoring an area where God called him to be.

What are your thoughts on YouTube as a mission field? Share your thoughts with us! Use the hashtag #SMCPodcast on your posts.


Show Notes:

That Christian Vlogger YouTube Channel

That Christian Vlogger Patreon

Justin Khoe Twitter

A Conversation with James Eaton of Highlands Fellowship: Podcast 228

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How does your online church fit with your local church?

In this week’s podcast, we are joined by James Eaton, Online Director of Highlands Fellowship. James provides us with some wisdom on how to lead an online church and what the end goal for their online church  is. James also shares how an online church can cater to small groups and the services he uses for live streaming.

Is your local church considering going online? Share your thoughts with us! Use the hashtag #SMCPodcast on your posts.


Show Notes:

My StreamSpot

James Eaton 

Highlands Fellowship Church

Highlands Fellowship Facebook Page



Alexa Skill

More VR and Facebook Messenger: Podcast 209

Virtual/Augmented Reality and Facebook Messenger are now a trend with their latest updates that are also essential in interacting and connecting people together.

Nils and Jay have been talking about VR for about a year now. But, in this week’s Social Media Church podcast episode, they discuss about the advantages of integrating VR and Facebook Messenger to  your ministry. They also discuss about how the interface of each platform is useful for handling your church ministry.

What d’you think of Virtual/Augmented Reality and Facebook Messenger’s latest updates? Share it with us by using the hashtag #SMCPodcast.


Show Notes:

Matt McKee of Circle

CV Outreach

Facebook Messenger


Vimeo 360

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Click Funnels for Ministry: Podcast 193

Nils and Jay talk about Click Funnels--a tool that combines all other tools used for online marketing--and how ministries can utilize the conversion process to achieve goals.They go over the Click Funnels method and technology, Jay’s experience using the tool in ministry and a little bit about recommended TV shows to watch. Tune in to the podcast!

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Show Links:

The Profit (TV show)

Starting a small group at Saddleback

Check out Jay Kranda’s website

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The New iPhone and Social Media Response Systems: Podcast 190

Jay and Nils talk about social media response systems--the best way to set them up, some pros and cons and some things to avoid. They also share their reaction towards Apple’s latest news around iPhone 7 and some notable stuff from last week’s Apple event.


Show Links:

Apple Event September 7, 2016

Woman tweets asking for help, Amtrak responds 7 months later

Social Media Management tools:

        Social Report




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Setting Up Your Social Media Profiles: Podcast 189

Nils and Jay talk about a couple of new trends around Facebook: Facebook for Nonprofits and Facebook Live being utilized more by churches. They go over the best practices churches and other organizations can follow when setting up social media profiles. Listen to the podcast now!

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Show Links:

Facebook for Nonprofits

Nick Vujicic’s Facebook page

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Pokémon GO is a Tool to Reach Your Community: Podcast 182

Pokémon GO is a summer phenomenon. The daily active users have passed Twitter already. I bet you have already spotted someone playing the game in your area. Jay and Nils talk through practical ways your church can use the new game to reach your community.


Show Notes:

Pokémon Go tops Twitter’s daily users, sees more engagement than Facebook

14 Ways Your Church Can Use Pokémon Go Right Now

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Mixed Reality & the Power of Augmented Reality for the Church: Podcast 181

Jay shares his recent experience with Microsoft’s HoloLens and how the church will benefit from augmented reality in the near future. Jay and Nils talk through creative ideas that the church can do in the coming years and an internet roundup of all things augmented reality. 


Show Links:

HoloLens, SnapChat, & What It All Means for the Church

The Dark Horse of Augmented Reality



Get real! How augmented reality toys could make VR feel like a gimmick

Malcolm Gladwell

Fishermen Labs

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Email Done Right Can Grow Your Weekly Services Easily: Podcast 180

Email is not dead. Only 80% of your church community attends your services weekly. Email is the perfect way to promote what you are talking about at your weekend service to get that 20% who were not planning on attending the weekend. Don’t ignore email blasts. Nils and Jay talk through easy next steps for your church to start using email. 


Show Notes:

Facebook algorithm

Twitter is now turning on its new algorithmic timeline for everyone

Event Lion


Alan George from Life.Church talks Hubspot, MailChimp Automation, Mobile, & Apple TV

MailChimp Automation is a Discipleship Resource!


The Ringer

Antioch Church

Social Media Church

Facebook Lead Forms



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Leverage Roku and Apple TV for Your Church’s Vision: Podcast 173

Nils and Jay talk about how your church can leverage a TV app to accomplish your church’s vision/mission. You need to be thinking about Apple TV, Roku, and even Amazon Fire TV now! The topic of promoting TV apps gets mentioned and a few other helpful topics to get you thinking and dreaming about TV apps. 

Visit tvapp.church to see how we can fit this need for your church in an affordable way. 

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