PH.D. Freddy Cardoza talks Technology, the Church, & the future of Seminaries: Podcast 152

Jay interviews Freddy Cardoza about technology, the church, and the future of seminaries. Jay asks Freddy the following questions:

How much should church leaders and pastors think about using technology in their ministry? Should technology be more integrated into colleges and seminaries?

Do you think seminaries will be just as relevant and practical for church leaders and pastors 10 years from now with the growth of online training being available and free?

Should churches be doing more live training in-person, on-site or on-demand online training?

What are some creative new trends with technology that you think will impact the church and ministries in the next 3-5 years?


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Background on Freddy Cardoza

Freddy Cardoza serves as the Director of the Christian Education Program at Biola University, a leading private Christian university in Greater Los Angeles.  He is the Executive Director for the Society of Professors in Christian Education (SPCE, formerly NAPCE), an organization comprised of ministry professors from some 200 evangelical academic institutions.  Freddy is the husband of Kristin Cardoza and the father of two teenage sons, Dakota and Christian Cardoza.  He resides in Irvine, California.


Freddy has a Bachelor of Science at Liberty University, M.A. from Southeastern Seminary, & PH.D. from Southern Seminary and has previously completed all of the coursework for the Doctor of Education. 


Freddy has served twenty years in various ministry positions in local churches throughout the South and Midwest, including at leading ministries in Chicago, Kansas City, Omaha, and in Arkansas. These included positions as Student Pastor, College Pastor, Young Adult Pastor, and Executive Pastor roles. Currently in volunteer ministry, Freddy serves as the Discipleship Director at Saddleback Church’s Irvine South campus.


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