SocialMedia.Church Blog is LIVE

We are so excited to announce the launch of the SocialMedia.Church Blog today!

Our Podcast here at SocialMedia.Church is continuing to grow and thrive. This is all thanks to our faithful followers who listen to us on a regular basis.

As you know, our heart is to equip Church leaders around the world to reach their world through technology and social media. It is from that heart that we decided it was time to launch the Social Media Church Blog.

3 Cool things you will find on The Social Media Church Blog

1. Awesome Content

Our blog will contain the very best content on all things Social Media, Church Leadership, Technology and everything in between. You will find the same types of tips and tricks, how to’s and humor as you listen to on the podcast, but now you will have a written resource on all these awesome things!

2. Qualified Writers

One of the cool things about our blog is that not only will you continue to hear from the regular voices of SocialMedia.Church, but you will also hear from leaders just like you from all across the world on various topics.

Did you catch that? I said JUST LIKE YOU?

We are looking for qualified and talented writers who would like to contribute to the blog. If you love to write and you connect with the SocialMedia.Church we would love to hear from you. You can contact us HERE if you are interested in being a contributor to the Blog. We would love to connect with you!

3. Community

If you are a listener to our Podcast then you know we love hearing from our listeners! We want nothing more than for our Blog to be one more way that we as Church leaders from around the world can connect, collaborate and encourage each other in our mission. So don’t just listen to the podcast and read the blog. Let us hear YOUR thoughts and questions in the comments and on all of our Social Channels. This is a journey and we are on it together!

So get ready to engage with SocialMedia.Church in a brand new way!

The SocialMedia.Church Blog is LIVE!!!