Tech Tip: How To Podcast From Your iPad




Today I want to share a Tech tip with you. It's a tip on how to podcast in an easy and portable way.

There are so many podcast shows available ranging from things like sports, politics, food, Church sermons and more!

Chances are, you, your Church or your business will someday decide, "We want to launch a podcast and share our thoughts and opinions on what WE are passionate about."

So knowing that is going to probably happen,  I wanted to share a quick tip that will relieve some of the stress from the seemingly "daunting task" of figuring out how to record and create a podcast. 

 There are many people and sites that tell you that if you want to launch a good podcast you need to be prepared to drop many hundreds if not a few thousand dollars on microphones, mixers, recorders and other "must have" podcast equipment. While it is true that if you invest in really nice equipment and create a home studio, your podcast will sound really professional, BUT it is not ACTUALLY required to record a HIGH QUALITY and GREAT SOUNDING podcast. 

How do I know? Am I an expert? No. What I do know is that I have created a portable, high quality podcasting setup that will cost you a lot less than a professional podcast studio and it's sounds great! 

                                                                   "Ipad Podcasting Rig" 

Here is all you need to begin podcasting today in an affordable and portable way.

1. iPad.


One of the best inventions ever. The Apple IPad. It is magical. The internet, games and so much more literally under the screen in your hand.  The price on an IPad continues to go down as technology becomes more affordable every year. Even if you don't own one currently, you can easily pick one up starting at a couple hundred dollars. 

Did you know that your IPad can literally be a recording studio and mixer?  

How? That leads me to the second part of my podcasting setup.... 

2. Bossjock Studio


Bossjock Studio is an app for any IOS device that turns your device into a live mixing console just like if you were sitting in a radio studio! SO COOL! You can use loops, pre-record elements and import music files from multiple cloud services for you to use in your podcast show! 

How much does this app cost? You ready for this......$9.99!

That's it! You don't have to buy an expensive mixer or radio studio equipment. Everything you need to record, mix and export a podcast is included in this ONE app. Go check it out HERE

Then the next element needed in our podcast rig is.... 

3. Blue Yeti Microphone


There are many microphones to pick from, but I chose this one because of the price and flexibility. This microphone only cost $129.00. You can get it even cheaper if you catch a sale or get a used one. This microphone is so cool because it can be used to record a one person podcast, an interview with another person or even to record a round table podcast with multiple people from all directions. It is a well built device and extremely durable. 


                     Here is a quick video showcasing the microphone and what it is capable of.  

This is a great microphone to start with if you are just getting into podcasting. Find out more info and where to order on Blue Yeti's website HERE.


                                              The secret ingredient that makes this all work.... 


4. Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter. 


You may not know, but the Blue Yeti is designed to work with a laptop or PC. NOT AN IPAD. That is because the microphone is powered by a standard usb cord that plugs into the computer.  

With the Lightning to USB adapter though, you can trick the Blue Yeti Microphone and it will power up from the IPad just as if it were a MacBook or PC!  

So you want to start podcasting? Do you have an iPad? Do you have $130-$150 dollars for a Microphone and adapter? Do you have $9.99 to buy a digital recording studio app like BossJock?  

If you say yes to the above, then you my friend can have an awesome, affordable, Apple branded IPad Podcasting rig! 

Hope this Tech Tip helped you see that you don't have to spend thousands of dollars to start creating an awesome Podcast that sounds and looks AMAZING!


David Hearne ( is the Lead Pastor at GraceOnline.Church and also the Venue & Production Pastor at GraceSeaford.Church in Seaford, DE. In addition to speaking and teaching at his Church, David is a Consultant for Churches on how to use Technology and Social Media to reach their community. As part of this mission, David is the Editor-In-Chief of the SocialMedia.Church Blog. He is married to Kristin and they have two adorable kids, Noah and Gracie. Connect with David on Twitter at @SocMediaPastor